The Past and Present of  Zaporoz’ka Sich

The Past…

 The “Zaporoz’ka Sich” newspaper was founded 16 August, 1990 under the Zaporizhzhya City Council decision. At that time it was the first nonpartisan Publishing House in Zaporizhzhya.

The newspaper published its first issue January 1, 1991. Its first editor was Anatoliy Lanchyk. He was elected on the competitive basis at the City Council session. Afterwards, A. Lanchyk recruited the first editorial staff.

The first editorial’s office was located in the basement at 38, Chervonohvardiiska Str., where Baida travel agency is now.

In August 1991, the newspaper was the only one in the region that did not support  the August riot ( the so-called putsch).

Mykola Horoshko was a newspaper editor from 10 January until 17 September, 1992, who was followed by  Kostyantyn Sushko that was an editor-in- chief September 17, 1992 and July 30, 1999 inbetween.

The newspaper has been developing for years. The weekly Perekur was launched as a supplementary edition.

The editorial staff moved to the new office in 1991 that is located on 94, Lenin Avenue. However, they managed to accommodate it only in 1994 because of the office reconstruction.

Oleksandr G. Verevkin took over on August 2, 1999. He had been working as the newspaper journalist since November 15, 1990. Then he was nominated a deputy editor-in-chief in January 1992.

To date, the editorial staff employs 24 people. The well-known writers such as Mykola Bilokopytov, Kosyantyn Sushko used to work for the newspaper, now such writers as Pylyp Yuryk, the author of the play being staged now (Zamriyana Khortytsya) and Olena Piddubna work there. Besides, the newspaper is proud of the famous photographers who work for it: Sergiy Lavrov, Petro Ivanenko, Yegor Sapronov.

Throughout its history, Zaporoz’ka Sich has been the newspaper which has been promoting democratic and pluralistic society, especially, the national statehood.

 … the present 

 Zaporoz’ka Sich as a municipal newspaper is closely cooperating with Zaporizhzhya City Council. The decisions of the Council are not effective until they are published in the official issue – Zaporoz’ka Sich .

The Zaporoz’ka Sich Publishing House has been rated the first in the Ukrainian best economic reforms enlightening competition as well as in various regional competitions.

 Zaporoz’ka Sich comes out three times a week: on Tuesday and Thursday (weekly Perekur), on Saturday. The newspaper is printed in Ukrainian and Russian with circulation of about 24,000 copies. Zaporoz’ka Sich and Perekur were registered by the Ministry of Press and Information Affairs of Ukraine as the nationally distributed edition. There are subscribers in many regions of Ukraine, but most of them are from Zaporizhzhya and Zaporizhzhya region.

Zaporoz’ka Sich is a universal issue. The main objective of its articles is to cover the events and problems of Zaporizhya, region and state. The main headlines are: City Day by Day; News From the Regions; News, Events, Chronicle; Politics; A Deputy Rostrum; Economy; Ecological Zaporizhzhya; Zaporizhzhya and its Citizens; Hotline; Top Technologies; Law and ‘ Left Side’; Operinform; Nine and a Half of Muses; Sport; Trace in History; Satyricon; Stars; and others.